This framework builds upon OSGi, more precisely on Eclipse Equinox. It ships special OSGi-Bundles that will help to set up an ordinary pipeline system easily and quickly. Anyone how is already familiar with OSGi-applications will get into this system really quickly.

It consists of mainly three components, which are all represented by one or more OSGi-Bundles:

  1. Execution Server
  2. Data Server
  3. Step(s)

Combination of these components, that can be exchanged independently, will result into a specific pipeline system.

Data Server is generic, therefore implementations for Step usually refer to corresponding Data Server implementation.

For beginning, it is perfectly fine to not build a specific Data Server. Instead you can use, which is included within this project.

In order to build your own pipleline system, just create your own Steps and place resultung jar-files into 07-anna-steps folder.

See Examples for an introduction on how to set up your Eclipse working environment and how you build your own Steps.